Download wiki2xhtml

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wiki2xhtml can be downloaded in the following archive formats:

The archives are platform-independant. An installation isn't required as explained on this page.

You can use any program to unpack the selected archive format. Should you be looking for a program which is nice to work with, take a look at:


The required Java runtime can be downloaded at Make sure that you have got at least version 1.6—anything higher is okay too ;)


If you'd like to throw an eye on wiki2xhtml: The source code is being managed with Subversion (SVN) on this repository:

The code and the rest can be downloaded directly with svn[1] or with programs like

Keep in mind that this version is in development and perhaps doesn't run stable.

Compile the project by running javac src/; you need to have Java Development Kit 1.6 or higher installed.

If you use Linux, you can generate the jar files by executing ant[2] needs to be installed.


  1. [↑] Subversion (SVN) is a version cotrol tool. See also the free Subversion book.
  2. [↑] Ant is “make for Java”