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“FAQ” is short for “Frequently Asked Questions”. See Wikipedia:FAQ.

How can I get help?
Write to the wiki2xhtml Mailing List.
Where can I report a bug?
In the wiki2xhtml Bug Tracker. This is also the right place for suggesting new features.
Translating wiki2xhtml
If you would like to translate wiki2xhtml, please read through this document.
In a listing text is cut away from the beginning of the line!
Probably you used a pipe character (“|”) in the line. Everything before this character is interpreted as arguments to format the listing entry. Simply put a | at the beginning of the text:
* |That way the pipe character | is being displayed correctly.
By the way: Validators like the Total Validator, wherefore you can get also a Firefox Extension, usually find such problems rapidly.
Instead of umlaut, the browser only displays squares.
The source files have to be written in UTF-8. Editors like Notepad++ can write UTF-8 coded text files, the Windows Notepad cannot! Under Unix, ASCII files can be converted to UTF-8 with the command: iconv -f ISO-8859-1 -t UTF-8 input-file -o output-file
I can't execute the exported shell script.
If you're using Unix, you've got to make the script executable at first. Do that with the command chmod u+x script.sh.
I'd like to alter a design or create a new one. How do I do that?
I will create a manual for that ;) The program uses several files; recks like the reck.html or image-template.html and css files for the design. Feel free to play around with them—if you destroy someting, there is still the original file on the server …
How can I insert PDF files?
Either as a usual link, for example [document.pdf], or as an image. Here you can also use a thumbnail: [[Image:document.pdf|thumb=document_thumb.png|PDF file]]