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You want to change a design, create your own one, or simply understand how CSS works? Or you want to write a little PHP script or modify the (X)HTML code? The following links will help you.

Webdesign in general

w3schools.com – HTML, XHTML, CSS and more (like XSL, SQL); tutorials and references
XHTML, CSS und Webdesign is a webpage with an introduction to this topics. German.
The principles of beautiful webdesign from Jason Beaird, the page to his ace book


CSS tutorial: Pretty CSS tutorial at howtocreate.co.uk
The Styleworks: Interesting introduction to CSS. German.
CSS Tutorial: Tutorial explaining CSS at webmaster-resource.de
Advanced Tutorials
Tutorials about lists, floating and selectors
CSS-Technik provides a lot of very interesting information, e.g. the Cheatsheet. German.
CSS: 4you is a German page with a cool reference and a tutorial. Downloadable for local use.
Stil mit {stil} is another great reference. Also in German.
CSS Properties at htmldog.com, short reference
Cascading Style Sheets Level 2 Revision 1 Specification at w3c.org
Cascading Style Sheets, Level 2, German translation
Link collection on CSS topics