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About wiki2xhtml

wiki2xhtml has its roots in a «Maturaarbeit», a project for the A-levels in Switzerland at the KSBG. The reason was that I was searching for something to write my webpage without too big efforts. I've used to write it by hand, and after a while I was bored from inserting always the same code block (e.g. in galleries). So I thought of automatizing it a little bit. As a co-author of the Wikipedia, the Wikibooks, and other Wikimedia projects the search for a suitable “input language”, which the program should translate, wasn't too hard.

The fact that wiki2xhtml isn't an online CMS means that webpages can also be edited offline and without the constant delays when loading a page. It is therefore also optimized for a single user and not for a page where several users are working on (although this could be realized using SVN and similar things).


Simon Eugster aka Granjow

Roland Engert aka RoEn

Francesca Beatrice Cice