Quick Reference

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An overview over the most important formatting commands is written down in the cheat sheet.

Document settings

All settings, except for the first two, can be defined both globally in the commons file (valid for all files) and in single pages (where they will temporarily override the global settings). The marked settings can also be set for a whole design in the file css-settings.txt in the design’s directory.

Measures have to be set in px or in %.

{{GalleryThumbWidth:…}} Width of the thumbnails in galleries
{{ImageWidthImagepage:…}} Width of images on image pages
{{GalleryImagesPerLine:…}} Number of images per line. Setting to 0 will leave positioning of the images to the browser.
{{ThumbWidthImages:…}} Width of thumbnails which are not in a gallery
{{Author:…}} Author
{{DescForCaption(:false)}} Image pages: Uses the image description as caption, if no caption is given (Default)
{{Desc:…}} Page description (Meta argument)
{{DefaultTitle:…}} Standard window title (only commons)
{{DirImages:…}} Standard directory for images
{{DirImagepages:…}} Directory for generated image pages
{{H1:…}} Page title
{{Homelink:…}} Link to start page
{{Icon:…}} Page icon
{{Keywords:…}} Keywords
{{AddKeywords:…}} Appends further keywords
{{Lang:…}} Language
{{Meta:name||content}} Further meta tags
{{Meta:name="…" content="…"}} Further meta tags
{{NameForCaption(:false)}} Image pages: Uses the image name as caption, if no caption is given
{{ReckAlternative:…}} Alternative reck file (e.g. a special one for php files)
{{Thumbnails:…}} Location of the thumbnails
{{TextHeader:…}} Text in header (if supported)
{{Title:…}} Window title

Special tags

{{$Version}} Inserts the version number: 3.4b8 (Jan 12, 2010)
{{$Pagename}} Inserts the name of the current page: quickref.html
{{$SplitPageNav}} Inserts the navigation between split pages
~~name~~ Inserts an anchor
{{$Wiki2xhtml}} Address to the webpage of wiki2xhtml: http://wiki2xhtml.sf.net


Help and Output

--help, -h Help output
--helpfiles Settings to generate help files
--standard Standard settings
--debug Show debug information
-v, --verbose Show a lot of information
-s, --silent Show only few information
--dead Don't output any text


filename File to parse
-m menufile, --menu-file=menufile Set the menu file
-s name, --style=name Use style name
-c file, --common=file Set file as common file
--sd dir, --source-dir=dir Source directory of all files
--td dir, --target-dirdir Target directory
-f file, --footer=file Set footer file

Various Flags

--incremental Incremental; only write edited files
--www Show updates
--noupdatecheck Doesn’t perform an update check when starting the GUI
--only-code Output code only (without head and body)
--remove-linebreaks Remove linebreaks
--stdout Output code in stdout (usually command line)
--gui Opens the GUI

Shortcuts in the GUI

Ctrl-O Open
Ctrl-S Save
Ctrl-Q Quit
Ctrl-, Settings
F1 Help
Menu File
Alt-f o Open
Alt-f s Save
Alt-f e Export
Alt-f q Quit
Menu Export
Alt-f e u .sh (Unix)
Alt-f e w .bat (Windows)
Menu Settings
Alt-s p Settings
Alt-s l Language
Menu Info
Alt-i h Help
Alt-i a About
Ctrl-left/right Navigation between tabs
Alt-c Toggle Code Window